Scentora Floral Perfume For Women 100ml

Floral Perfume is a specialty product in the classic women's perfume series. Its carefully selected notes of grapefruit, amber and jasmine create a fresh and sophisticated scent, making it indispensable for perfume lovers.

With its 100 ml glass bottle, Floral Perfume offers elegance and quality together and accompanies you all day long with its 12-hour persistence. This feature provides ease of use in all seasons and in any environment.

Floral Perfume is a product that stands out with its special design and wonderful scent. This perfume with natural essences has a high quality and unique scent.

Floral Perfume is the perfect choice to boost women's self-confidence both on special occasions and for daily use. Specially designed for women seeking elegance and sophistication, this perfume gives you a unique feeling anytime and anywhere.

Floral Perfume offers an original fragrance with a unique combination of grapefruit, amber and jasmine notes that will be appreciated by everyone. Discover this wonderful fragrance and accompany your special moments.

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