Scentora Hector Perfume for Men 100ml

Hektor Perfume is a classic men's fragrance that reflects the elegance and style of the modern man. It is created with a special blend of natural and sophisticated notes of Italian lemon, green apple and amber. This magnificent blend creates a masculine and alluring scent that will make you feel confident all day long.

Coming in a 100 ml glass bottle, Hektor Perfume never leaves you alone with its 12-hour lasting effect with its special series. Hektor Perfume, which is in the classic men's perfume series, is the perfect option to complement the clothes worn at any social event or on a special day.

With its strong and durable glass bottle, Hektor Perfume is ideal for use anywhere. Just a few sprays are enough to make you feel special. If you want to have an impressive and charismatic scent all day long, Hektor Perfume is for you.

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